Berkshire Listed Manor House

Date Completed : 22.04.2017

Size : 4,800 Sq.ft

Scope of Works :

A grade II listed Queen Anne property that required a sensitive design and refurbishment scheme. We worked closely with the charitable trust that owned the house to modernise and bring it up to specification for rental.

Architectural details such as cornices, paneling, skirting and architraves were carefully copied and re-installed as well as new bathrooms and kitchen. Existing features were fastidiously restored and repaired.

A full soft furnishing scheme was also designed as part of a Phase 2 development.

Best Bit :

Bringing back this wonderful old property to its former glory and making a wonderful family house.

Credits :

Working hand in glove with the local planning authority devising a restoration program that was not only accepted but highly lauded by the Listed Building department.