Main Contractor – Our Process
“Exquisite craftsmanship blended with the best in British engineering and build”

Alternatively we can just offer high quality build services as your Main Contractor.

Rainsford will take your architects design package, analyse it and come back with any queries before supplying a fixed contract price to include construction and project management integrating all specialist 3rd party suppliers as required.

We will tender our work under a JCT or NEC contract for approval from our client and further supply a full scope of works document and build program with milestone dates.

We generally allow for a period of 2 weeks for ‘preliminaries’ to set up site, erect scaffold, order materials and ensure all health and safety requirements are in place on site prior to commencement.

Our project management team will hold one project meeting per week and one design meeting per week to discuss any variation orders and any changes to the design. Weekly photographic reports will be supplied to the client with full update on progress.